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About Us

Foundations were laid in 2009, Sencer Raf, the voyage exceeding 7yıl, change is always going one step ahead, in Turkey, especially Rack Systems operates in all international standards and overseeing compliance and continuous improvement objectives Sencer Raf,, produced to date, it sold its own products, a pioneer in the industry has managed to be among the companies.

Sencer Raf enters the new millennium with a new vision: “One of the leading companies in the industry” It is the only target to contribute to the development of its country with rapid and innovative growth.
Business areas of Sencer Raf Group expand significantly. The company is now; market shelves, store shelves, warehouse shelves, Fabric Shelves, Archive Shelves, steel shelves, Cabinet Systems, rack systems, warehouse shelves, Back to Back Shelf Systems, and a wide range of products, ranging from the most important stages of development. One of them is the effort to institutionalize.

New vision for the new millennium

Continuous and unchanging goal;

Sencer Raf, which is increasingly creating added value for its members, carries out all its activities with international standards, Corporate management, customer satisfaction, social responsibility and environmental protection principles. It continues its journey that started in 2009 with a growth and efficiency-oriented growth strategy.

Confidence we have in ourselves and the future of Turkey, leading us to put ambitious goals. We know that we can achieve these goals only with a strategic management approach. It has tried to comply with the norms determined for the environmental qualities of the products in terms of their sectors and to support the products implemented. With the development of its environmentally friendly product and service portfolio, the competitiveness of Sencer Raf Company is increased, on the other hand, it continues its environmentalist entrepreneurship.