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Racking Systems

Increase your efficiency with storage systems specially designed for storage and warehouse products.

Warehouse Racking Systems

Increase your efficiency with storage systems specially designed for storage and warehouse products.

Store Rack Systems

With our Advantage of Project Design and Discovery, We Offer the Most Appropriate Shelf in the Most Economic Conditions.

Back to Back Shelf Systems

It can be adjusted according to the weight or dimensions of the product to be stored.

Market Rack Systems

As Sencer Raf, we design the most suitable product for your request and present it to you in the most appropriate way. Please contact for more information.

We are proud to serve our valued customers by offering industrial and decorative shelf systems.

Crawler Loading Racks

With our innovative pallet racking system, pallet loading racks, all sizes and weights can be safely stored. We conduct extensive tests in private laboratories to ensure optimum safety.

Steel Shelves

Steel Rack Systems; We try to create successful results by choosing the most suitable racking system for you based on many variables such as the types, features, product entry and exit speed, warehouse stowage and handling capacity of the files you will archive.

Fabric Shelf Systems

Fabric Storage Racks; They are the preferred systems since they provide the most regular and safe stacking of the fabrics in the Textile and Garment industry.

Textile Stores

Robust, stylish and stylish designs come to the fore in the clothing stores produced by Sencer Raf. We produce from scratch and offer them to the service of our valued customers, from the size of clothing store shelf systems, which are the most important accessories with products that appeal to all eyes and tastes, from young to old.

Shoe Stores

We manufacture and market all the products that we use while producing shoe stores in our stores, and market them to our customers without any intermediaries. We make visual design shelves suitable for every budget.

Bijouterie and Perfumery

On the shelves of jewelery; We create store shelves with different concepts, which are obtained by combining wooden, iron, aluminum and glass plexi materials. Colorful and sub-floor transparency also highlights small products and is designed using more minimal lines.

Customer Reliability

Reliability is a two-way street; grows with experience, understanding the customer and his wishes. Our reliability and proven innovations in the industry express us like a business card.

We Make Dreams Come True

No obstacles can stop eyes locked on a large target. We made the cabinets and shelves that you see in the movies and make them accessible to you. Because no dream deserves to be postponed.


The speed we show in development by always improving the quality of management and product is the most advanced level of institutionalization. Our main goal is to make the most appropriate decisions and provide transparency by defending different ideas easily.